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Canya & Canio [bronze]

119 USD

Roughness of Slot Canyon.­­­
Slot canyon is a deep crack created by the prolonged rushing of water through sandstone or limestone. Its formation is a memory of rainfalls. As raindrops converge into a network of small creeks, they are powerful enough to carve the land through time. We hope Canya and Canio can evoke a series of small memories you share with someone and together they become something remarkable.

M: inner radius 15.8mm
L: inner radius 17.8mm
detail size & fit

Time fades, memory stays. Photograph records the visuals; perfume retells the scents; how about our tactility?  

Aggrieved by the lack of medium in remembrance of the tactility, we decided to create one – a textural memory that recalls a touch you cherish. Hands as smooth as a sand dune; eyebrows as spiky as a hedgehog… We seeked our textural inspiration ranging from sublime nature to exquisite creatures. 

Liud is a textural memory, a ring from inside. It turns the ring inside-out. Rather than showing off, it ‘touches’ you with the internal line of texture. Concealing the ‘touch’ under the mask of a plain ring, yet revealing for a glimpse through its edge. Shy but sensual, Liud links the ‘touch’ of your skin, a ‘touch’ you share with your love. Evoking senses beyond the visuals.  

Luid – a ring that secretly touches you and me.