Liud is available in two sizes: M & L
Since the design is in form of an open-ring, slight adjustment of the size is possible by bending
We also offer customisable ring size with a small additional fee. please write us a message or email via

inner radius 15.8mm
outer radius 19.2mm
max. thickness 4.8mm

inner radius 17.8mm
outer radius 21.2mm
max. thickness 6.6mm


The pieces are made out of precious metals and none of them have been plated. Although the jewellery will tarnish naturally from oxidation, it is easy to clean it with a silver cloth.
Please do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom, as moisture may speed up the oxidation process. Keeping it in the case would be the best solution, yet be aware that it will still naturally get traces of usages over time.

Time fades, memory stays. Photograph records the visuals; perfume retells the scents; how about our tactility?  

Aggrieved by the lack of medium in remembrance of the tactility, we decided to create one – a textural memory that recalls a touch you cherish. Hands as smooth as a sand dune; eyebrows as spiky as a hedgehog… We seeked our textural inspiration ranging from sublime nature to exquisite creatures. 

Liud is a textural memory, a ring from inside. It turns the ring inside-out. Rather than showing off, it ‘touches’ you with the internal line of texture. Concealing the ‘touch’ under the mask of a plain ring, yet revealing for a glimpse through its edge. Shy but sensual, Liud links the ‘touch’ of your skin, a ‘touch’ you share with your love. Evoking senses beyond the visuals.  

Luid – a ring that secretly touches you and me.